Preschool 5


Preschool 5: These youngsters get more adventuresome with a forward roll entry wearing a lifejacket and treading water for 10 sec. They’ll work on front and back crawl swims for 5 m, interval training and get a giggle out of whip kick.



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Give your child a head start on learning to swim. The Lifesaving Society Preschool program develops an appreciation and healthy respect for the water before these kids get in too deep.

In our basic aquatic progressions we work to ensure 3 to 5-year olds become comfortable in the water and have fun acquiring and developing a foundation of water skills. We incorporate Lifesaving Society Water Smart® education in all Preschool levels.

We’ve organized the content of each level like this:

Entries and exits
Surface support
Underwater skills
Swim to Survive® skills
Movement / Swimming skills
Water Smart® education
As an integral part of the Swim for Life® program, Water Smart education provides information and experiences that helps participants make smart decisions when in, on and around water and ice.

Preschool at-a-glance

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