Swimmer 2


Swimmer 2: These advanced beginners will jump into deeper water, and learn to be comfortable falling sideways into the water wearing a lifejacket. They’ll be able to support themselves at the surface without an aid, learn whip kick, swim 10 m on their front and back, and be introduced to flutter kick interval training (4 x 5 m).




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The Lifesaving Society’s 6-level Swimmer program makes sure your children learn how to swim before they get in too deep. Swimmer progressions accommodate children 5 years and older including absolute beginners as well as swimmers who want to build on the basics.

We stress lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills. We incorporate Water Smart® education in all levels.

We’ve organized the content of each level like this:

Entries and exits
Surface support
Underwater skills
Swim to Survive® skills
Movement / Swimming skills
Water Smart® education
As an integral part of the Swim for Life® program, Water Smart education provides information and experiences that helps participants make smart decisions when in, on and around water and ice.

swimmer at-a-glance

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